1985 Airs Limited

This 1985 Airs Limited salvage auction R has 0.0 (EXEMPT) miles. The salvage r is located in East Bethel, Minnesota. The condition of this is Airs is Hail.

Auction Date:
Est. Retail Value:
Current Bid:
$150 USD

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Vehicle Details

  • Auction Location:
    East Bethel, Minnesota
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  • Lane/Item / Grid/Row:
  • Sale Status:
    On Approval
  • Lot Number:
  • VIN:
  • Current Bid:
    $150 USD
  • Repair Est:
    $15,780 USD
  • Title State/Type:
    Minnesota / Clean Title
  • Odometer:
    0 EXEMPT
  • Primary Damage:
  • Secondary Damage:
  • Body Style:
  • Color:
  • Engine:
  • Drive:
  • Cylinders:
  • Fuel:
  • Has Keys:
  • Runs & Drives:
  • Special Note:
    1985 Air Stream Limited. The camper is approximately 30 feet long. There are keys it is towable. Damage includes: front is dented left side front is scraped left compartment door is dented left side is scratched left rear is scratched right rear is dented right door is scratched right front is scratched right center is dented door handle latch does not work. The camper has a rear master bedroom 3/4 bathroom kitchen sofa sleeper dining area with bench seating.

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