Buying a Rebuildable Car

Buying a rebuildable car for the first time can be scary, what shall I buy?  How much should I pay?  Where can I find a good deal? The first suggestion I always tell my customer is, buy close to home. If you go and search for "rebuildable cars" you will find the internet full of rebuildable vehicles, but the question is where are they? If they are 1000 miles away from you it will have to be shipped to your location shipping can be as much as a $1.00 a mile. We at Feretti Motors make it easy on our site to shop close to home. There is another advantage to shopping close, you can got and see the vehicle before purchasing, not just looking at pictures. Pictures are great, but pictures can not tell the whole story. If this is your first time to search for repairable cars look for vehicles in your state or close by where it will not be hard to go view or pickup the vehicle, we have our search set so you can search by state, then makes, models and years. First time builders should  look for vehicles that are easy to repair. Let take a look at a 2011 Volvo XC90 one of our customer just bought. This was at auction which all of our vehicle will be at auction. This is an online auction so all your bidding will be done on your own computer at home or office.

2011 Volvo XC 90

2011 Volvo XC90--Odometer:27,526 mi. (ACTUAL) Primary Damage:Front End--Secondary Damage:Undercarrage

It runs and drives so we know the engine and transmission is OK

Customer paid $9569.00 if you check book value, you will find it is worth about $23,000 for average price. This is of course with a clean title. This vehicle does have a salvage title which after rebuilding you can apply for a repaired title and put it back on the road.

This is a side view.

Rear view.

I did some local checking and there are two of these vehicles on dealers lots with in 130 miles, the average asking price $29,800.

This will explain why people are going for salvage rebuidable vehicles. This vehicle can be repaired for under $3,000 at tops.

Why not start shopping. We are here to help if you have questions give us a call. 307-834-2450