Why it make CENTS to buy a salvage rebuildable car

Why buy salvage?

The first reason to buy a salvage car is because of the savings over a non-accident vehicle. Most salvage vehicles are worth 30 to 40 percent less than a vehicle with a clean title. That means if you are looking at purchasing that used SUV with a clean title for $16,000 you can have the same SUV after repaired for $9,600 to $11,200 this would be if you were adding your wage into rebuilding. If you don't consider your time and use it as a project you could be as low as $6,000 invested into a $16,000 vehicle. A very good reason to purchase a salvaged rebuildable vehicle. 

Buying salvage will make more sense if:

1. You buy older vehicle usually. If you are the kind of person that likes to stay away from car payments, who wouldn't? Then buying a salvage rebuildable vehicle  could be a good choice. Look for the rebuildable vehicle with low miles. There are a lot of older vehicles with low miles out there to choose from. The average vehicle get from 18,000 to 20,000 miles a year put on, but there are a lot of people that fall way short of average driving miles, there are salvage repairable vehicles with less that half of average driving miles.

2. You are the kind of person that keeps your vehicle above average. I live in Wyo. and according the Wyo. DOT the average person in Wyo. keeps their vehicle 18 months. I have sold used cars for 23 years and most people want some thing new (new to them) every couple year whether or not the vehicle is completely road worthy or not.

3. You do your own repairs. If you have the know how to repair your own vehicles, then why not buy a low mileage clean wrecked vehicle for way less than you can purchase one on the lot, put it back together and save big bucks. Rebuilding your own salvage vehicle versa buying a salvage vehicle some shop, who know's where rebuilt, is that you know how the repair was completed. Most horror store you here about salvage vehicles is when some one purchases a salvage vehicle that a shop from where ever rebuilt and could careless, and the vehicle goes to pieces on the road. If a salvage vehicle is repaired correct they will last just as long as the non-salvage vehicle. I for my own personal use purchase a Ford F-250 diesel it had 73,000 miles on it was 8 years old, I drove it to 180,000 and then sold it. I paid $4,300 wrecked, and sold it for $6,500 after driving it over 100,000 miles. If you can't do all the repair, but have a friend that can help you may still be money ahead to buy a salvage vehicle.