Salvage Vehicle Broker

Feretti Motors is a Registered Broker with Copart Auto Auctions

Feretti Motors is authorized to sell bid numbers to the public.
What is a Registered Broker? Click Here to Find Out

If you purchase a bid number you can bid live at Copart auto auctions without the hassle and expense of becoming a dealer. That's right, anyone can register with Feretti Motors and then purchase salvage vehicles through the Copart website. Click here to register


Feretti Motors will then assist the buyer in completing the transaction, and making shipping arrangements. Feretti Motors bypasses trucking brokers and goes directly to the trucking firms saving additional fees. We will do our best to make your transaction easy, and as smooth as possible. Search Copart Inventory


How do I Bid On or Buy a Vehicle at Auto Auction?

First, you need to register and pay for a bid number (See fees to the right).
If you run into any technical problems, please let us know.

How much does a Bid Number Cost?

  • Registration Fee: $20
  • Security Deposit: $400 USD
  • Transaction Fee: $250 USD

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Need Help? Got Questions?

Most of your questions are already answered on our website under the Copart FAQ's section.

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