Salvage Auction FAQs

Membership & Registration

It is a program where you, as an individual, can bid on Copart salvage vehicles. You do not need a dealer's license to register with Sanders Auto. Sanders Auto is licensed and bonded with the State of Wyoming as a vehicle dealer. This is a savings of $1,000's to you. You don't pay for our overhead expenses. You bid and buy as the guest of Sanders Auto.
To register, click here to access our registration page and fill in the registration form. When completed, you will receive a personal bidder number and password which you can use to go online to the Copart web site and begin bidding.

Bidder numbers are good as long as your monthly membership with us is active. 

Registration Fees:

  • $12.50 monthly membership fee.
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, please contact Sanders Auto (307-834-2450.

Security Deposit:

  • Per vehicle basis.
  • Initial security deposit due at registration is $400.00.
  • A $400.00 security deposit allows a buyer to bid up to $4,000.00 on one vehicle. Should a buyer wish to increase their bidding limit, an additional security deposit must be supplied in the amount of 10% of your desired bidding limit. For example, $400 for any bid up to $4,000; and $500 for a $5,000 bid, etc. For one vehicle purchase, the security deposit will be applied to the transaction fee with the balance going towards the purchase price of the vehicle.

Transaction Fee:

  • $250 per vehicle purchased.


  • If you request a termination of contract, the security deposit is the only monies to be refunded to Buyer.

Complete the registration form, and pay the initial refundable security deposit. After becoming a member, you will receive two emails: One will have your bidder number, and the second will have your password. You can then use those numbers to get online and bid.

Bidding Process

There are three ways to bid on vehicles:

  1. Internet Preliminary Bidding

    Buyers log into Copart's website and submit bids. Locate the vehicle you are interested in. At the bottom of the vehicle description there is a place to enter a bid. Enter your bid there. Copart automatically increases the bid on your behalf, up to your maximum bid amount. For example, the vehicle bid is at $1000. You enter $3000 as your maximum bid. If the bidder prior to your bid has a high of $1500, BID4U (Copart bidder system) will bid on your behalf and stop at $1600. You are the new high bidder. If someone else comes in and bids $2000, BID4U bids in your behalf up to $2100. The highest Preliminary Bid received, either kiosk or internet, will compete against virtual bids via BID4U during the virtual sale. Preliminary bidding ends the day of the virtual auction at 11:00 local time of the Copart facility where the vehicle is sold. We will explain virtual bids later under "Virtual Bidding".

  2. Kiosk Preliminary Bidding

    Buyers may submit Kiosk Preliminary Bids through computer terminals located at kiosks in the lobbies of Copart facilities There may be a facility near you. To find out, check Copart's web site for facilities in your area. You may begin kiosk bidding 2 days before the actual sale. Kiosk Preliminary Bids compete against internet preliminary bids during the preliminary bidding period. One hour after the close of the preliminary bidding period, the virtual sale begins. The highest preliminary bid (either kiosk or internet) at the close of the preliminary bidding period will compete against virtual bids via "Bid4U.

  3. Virtual Bidding

    Actual online live bidding. (Don't click the button unless you're ready to lay down the cash!!) Live bidding can be done at your office, home, library, neighbors, etc. or at a Copart kiosk.

On auction day, sign into Copart, go to the "buyer account page", click on the VB2 button, then click on "View Sale Enter", and select the Copart facility where your vehicle is listed.

Locate the item number on your vehicle listing. An item number between 1 and 2000 is lane "A"; 2001 to 3000 is lane "B", etc.

No, You bid as many times as you wish for each vehicle, but you can't go over your bid limit. (See "What is a bid limit.")

A bid limit has 2 parts: the number of vehicles, and the dollar amount. Initial registratioin provides for a 1 vehicle bid limit and a $4000 bidding limit. These limits can be increased at your request. The $$ bidding limit must be increased to match the number of vehicles. For example: $8000 will purchase 2 vehicles for a total value of $8000. OR, $8000 can purchase 1 vehicle for a total value of $8000. If you're interested in more than one vehicle, you MUST request an increase to the number of vehicles you wish to purchase.

We highly recommend you attend a VB2 auction prior to the auction of your vehicle. You may need to download a java applet before you can bid live. Copart will give you a link for this free download if your computer requires this software.

If a preliminary bid ties with a live bid for a particular vehicle, then the award goes to the live bidder. To prevent a tie with a live bidder, check the "Yes" box on the bid increment question on the preliminary bid page. When the Bid Increment option is used, BID4U will increase the preliminary bid by one bid, and therefore break the tie.

BID4U is an automatic Copart system of bidding that will increase the preliminary maximum bid by one additional increment. BID4U is your representative in the bidding process. Enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for the vehicle during preliminary bidding and BID4U will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid during the live auction. BID4U will only bid one increment over the current bid to keep your position as the highest bidder. This allows you to purchase a vehicle below your maximum bid if bidding doesn't exceed your maximum bid. If the Bid Increment option is selected, BID4U will bid one additional increment over your maximum bid to break a tie. You will be notifed via email during preliminary bidding if you are outbid during preliminary bidding. You can increase your bid then or bid live. No one can view the amount of your preliminary bid. Including Copart associates, it is 100% confidential.When the bid increment option is not used, and the preliminary maximm bid is tied with a live bidder, the live bidder will be awarded the vehicle.

No. You cannot delete or lower a bid once it has been entered. You can only increase bids.

No. Once a bid is entered, it can not be deleted.

Preliminary bids are accepted 24 hours a day up to 1 hour (local time of the Copart facility where the vehicle is stored) before the virtual auction begins. Live bids occur only during the period from 12:00 noon (local time of the Copart facility where the vehicle is stored) to end of auction on sale day. Once a bid is entered, it cannot be lowered or deleted.

No. Only registered buyers are allowed to bid. You must register as a Copart Member with Copart or with a Registered Copart Broker to bid.

Sale lists can be sorted by Item #, Make, Loss Type, Year or lot number. Or you may click "Search and Bid", then "CarFinder" and search Make/Model/Year, then enter your zip code, and the results will be sorted by distance from your zip code.

On the Buyer Account page click the button "Check Bids"; then click "My current bids", or "My final bids". Selecting "Current Bids" from the Check Bids screen will show your bid on each lot. "My final bids" show bids only if you won the high bid.

Vehicle Shipping

Storage begins 5 days after auction date. Storage is $30 per day.

Security Deposit

EACH vehicle requires a deposit. That deposit regulates your bidding amount. $400 is the least deposit that can be made. A $400 deposit gives you a $4000 bidding limit. Limits above $4000 require 10% additional deposit. A deposit of $400 can purchase 1 vehicle. A deposit of $800 can purchase 1 vehicle up to $8000 or 2 vehicles at $3000 and $5000 each for a total value of $8000, etc. If you're interested in more than one vehicle, you MUST request an increase to the number of vehicles you wish to purchase and place a deposit accordingly.

Paying for Vehicles

The registration and deposit can be paid through PayPal or by credit card. Vehicle payments must be made by bank wire. All payments must be payed directly to Sanders Auto.

Copart Buyer Fees vary according to the amount of the final bid. Copart buyer fees apply to all vehicles awarded. That means any and all vehicles that sell through Copart have a buyer fee. These fees go to Copart and not Sanders Auto. All buyers are required to pay these fees, including Sanders Auto.

Vehicle and fee payments are due 24 hours after bid is accepted.